DTU Events you must not miss! Cast & Sip 9/8 and CarpSlam AfterParty 9/10. Get tks NOW!

Cast and Sip

City Park Pavilion – 1700 N. York St., Denver, CO 80202

Check out some of the latest fly rods and taste several terrific wines from Cakebread Cellars. Appetizers will be provided by Denver’s Solera Restaurant. Tickets at:


Top of the Davita Building. 2000 16th St, Denver, CO 80202

Food, beer, live music (MTHDS !!!), wine, silent auction and awards. Each registered volunteer Pro and Slamateur will receive free admission to the evening party. Friends and family may purchase tickets at the door. Don’t miss this fantastic party with the fly fishing greats, not so greats, just starting, and wannabes.

Drop your car at an RTD light rail or A-line station P-N-R lot and head to Union Station. You can’t miss the imposing DaVita Building to West of Union Station next to the Millenium Bridge. The afterparty – Evening on the South Platte will be on the Spectacular Top Floor deck with a view of the South Platte River and the Rockies at sunset. Don’t miss it.



DSP Temperature Monitoring Results are in!

Preliminary temperature monitoring results are in.

Full Year Temperature Monitoring chair declares ,”Ha, we do have a trout fishery.”

Whether his pronouncement is shared by others only time will tell, but check out the comparison to the world class trout fishery flowing through Pueblo on an hour by hour basis this August.

DSP vs Pueblo results

Todd Fehr Award

Colorado Trout Unlimited awards “Outstanding Volunteer Award 2016” to Todd Fehr, Former DTU President and current Treasurer.

For his outstanding and indefatigable work on the restoration of the Denver South Platte River aquatic habitat. Marshaling the focus of his organization as well as that of municipalities and stakeholders along the Denver South Platte, he has  initiated a movement that is turning the river back into a cherished natural asset. 

Todd Fehr – right At the completion of the Carson Nature Center – Phase 1