Change your head and save a stream.

Change your head and save a Colorado stream.
Blue River at Cottonwood access area.

Snow pack is up. Water anxiety is down. There’s plenty of water. WRONG. We live in a high plains desert. We live with water laws which allocate all available water. The mighty Colorado River seldom reaches the Gulf of California. If we don’t act, we’ll have dry river beds where we now have rivers in Colorado. The fish will be pissed.

But you can act.

1. Check your water history. You use over 60% of your water on your lawn. And you waste most of it.

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What DTU is doing for you.

  • Completed or started these aquatic habitat improvements:

  • Carson’s Nature Center – $10,000

  • Overland Park Pond Gateway Fishery – $15,000

  • Florida Ave – Overland $25,000

  • Trout are OUT of the Classroom $4,000

  • Jackass Creek Silt Abatement

  • Denver S. Platte Flow Study $4,000

  • Committed $10,000 to back the Sheridan River Run Park aquatic habitat.

  • Committed $6,000 to start a “Calls & Release Coalition” to coordinate release timing for optimum S. Platte flows.

    Carson Nature Center – Completed May 2013.

    Denver Trout Unlimited contributed $10,000, raised through the Carp Slam. Construction started April 2013 and finished the end of May 2013. Within hours trout inhabited the new runs, pools, and glides.   read more…

    Meanwhile in May of 2014, trout from DTU funded Trout in the Classroom were released into water at Carson Nature Center. DTU members, students, Carson Nature Center, the trout, and of course the raptors were all ecstatic.  read more …


    But just above Carsons a Jackass tries to undo the good works.


    Jackass Gulch silting abatement – DTU is an interested party with City of Littleton and Urban Drainage and Flood Control in this project just upstream of Carson. It has been funded and will get underway in 2015.


    Overland Park Pond Completed July 2013. Our  $15,000 helped reconstruction of Overland Park pond and river front to server as a fishery gateway for young anglers. Creating habitat, rearing trout, creating new gen anglers. DTU DOES IT ALL.


    Overland-Stretch. Construction started 10/20/2014 -DTU’s $25,000 helped get this project moving.Ultimately, at least $4 million will be spent to improve several stretches of the Urban South Platte from Grant Frontier to Overland Pond. See Ronnies River annotated Reports for more photos…


    PURE Trash Study.- Working with the Greenway Foundation we were founding members of PURE, Protect Our Urban River Environment, which has a 2 year grant to develop strategies to keep trash out of the S.Platte.


    Denver South Platte – Minimum Flow Study. DTU commissioned a $4,000 study of the flows in the Denver South Platte to pinpoint when dangerous low flows occur and what minimum flows are necessary to protect the aquatic habitats we are restoring. Read the study…


    Sheridan River Front Park – DTU has pledged $10,000 in support of a follow-on project downstream from the Carson project. Engineering and studies started in the fall of 2014.


    Calls & Release Coalition – DTU has pledged $6,000 to work with Greenway Foundation in setting up a coalition of municipal, state and  government agencies, water rights holders, and other major water shareholders to coordinate releases for the delivery of water to ensure optimal aquatic habit flows in the Denver South Platte.



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Help these kids

These kids raised the fry.

Now it’s your turn to raise some cash for the Denver South Platte aquatic habitat.

Carp Slam proceeds fund studies and help fund excavators in the Denver South Platte to restore a healthy aquatic habitat for bugs and fish. The Carp Slam also funds our Trout in the Classroom project which for the first time allowed these kids to release their fry into their home river.  Habitat restoration was recently completed at Carson Nature Center also thanks in part to Carp Slam funds and started Oct. 20, 2014 on the Overland Golf Course stretch.

Donate a tax deductible amount to help the cause. All funds go to aquatic habitat restoration and Trout-in-the-Classroom.


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All the Trout in the Classroom photos from the Denver South Platte Trout Class of 2014.