Trout in the City

Elitch Gardens River Front

being transformed

with trout in mind.

DSP rainbows drive “The River Mile” project.

UPDATE!!  Rhys Duggan from Revesco and his team will be at the April 10th open Board Meeting at Diebolt Brewery with a short presentation on the RiverMile and habitat changes. See the DTU calendar below for details.

The trout in the city are making a big impact on plans for their neighborhood.

After meeting the mayor at the reopening of Shoemaker Plaza in October, the trout have become a focal point of Revesco’s RiverMile project.

Not only are they the logo of this exciting project, The River Mile Project

but they are swimming into the project narrative in a big way. This quote is from the River Mile Denver project homepage.


“It will be one of the city’s great places –where people will gather, take a lunch break, enjoy the view, meet friends for a drink after work, go to a concert, and experience a touch of nature. Even cast a fly in hopes of landing a wily urban trout.

Yes, trout. Reintroduced recently in this stretch of the South Platte. The Revesco team will be working closely with the Greenway Foundation and other stakeholders in support of their mission to further enhance the natural environment and water quality of the river.”

   Another trout, one of Rhys’  Rainbows (named after benefactor Rhys Duggan of Revesco), illustrates the northern boundary of the project by posing with board member Brandon Parsons on the website.

Check out The River Mile video on their homepage.

(Skip to 4:30 for a great quote from Rhys about seeing fly fishing on this stretch of the river.)

Rhys, Cody DeGuelle from The Fly Fisher Group, and others associated with the project will be on hand at our  April 10th Board Meeting. Check the calendar at

The Denver Plan for this area was just released Feb 2018. Comments can be sent to: Senior City Planner Lilly Djaniants (


Two DSP Volunteer Driven Cleanups in April

April 7th – 10:00AM  Anglers : Colorado Trout Fisher organized.

Colorado Trout Fisher guide service will be hosting a river cleanup on Denver’s South Platte on April 7th, 2018. The Denver South Platte is quickly becoming recognized as one of the nation’s premier urban fly fishing destinations and therefore we’d like to do our own little part and help clean up the trash and debris along the banks of the river.

Our long-term goal is to help revitalize and restore the beauty of the Denver South Platte river for anglers, families, and the greater good of Denver because a healthy river benefits all of us. But we also realize that that is a goal which will take a lot of time and effort by our very own citizens. It is one step at a time and it begins with simple, hard work like this river cleanup effort.

There will be drinks, brats, and burgers provided and at the end of the cleanup you’ll get a chance to fish with some of Colorado’s best fly fishing guides!

Where: Crescent Park

If you plan on attending please reach out to Matty Valdez at: or (970) 412-8677


April 21st – 8:00AM Families and Anglers: Greenway Foundation organized.


We are excited to host our annual Spring RiverSweep! Volunteers of all ages will help Denver Parks and Recreation by picking up trash, removing weeds and other plant debris, repairing trails, painting park fixtures, and getting our parks ready for summer!

This event will happen rain or shine!

When: Saturday, April 21st, 2018

8:00 am: Volunteer Check-in and a light breakfast
               9:00 am: Projects start
12:00 pm: Volunteers return for lunch

Where: Fishback Park

The Cure for Cabin Fever – DTU Social at Diebolt Brewing. 2/13/2018 at 5:30PM

The Cure for Cabin Fever – Free Movie Night – Bring a Date – Create a Fishing Buddy – DTU Social at Diebolt Brewing. 2/13/2018 at 5:30PM

UPDATE – COSTA FILMS has chosen Denver Trout Unlimited and Diebolt Brewing for the Denver Premier of “Grand Slam Pursuit”. Three incredible woman fly anglers target tarpon, bonefish, and permit in one day. Can they do it?. Also “Through the Guides Eye.” featuring Cpt Greg Dini and four other short films including “Brown Trout in KwaZulu Natal, South African .”  Don’t expect a red carpet, paparazzi, stars, or champagne. Expect great Diebolt Beer and some fantastic fly fishing photography in places near and far that someday you’ll fish. 

UPDATE – From Denver Trout Unlimited.

Fish Spots on the DSP – River keeper Ronnie Crawford and amateur trout watcher and temperature sensor John Davenport will divulge what they know about past, present, and future fish spots on the DSP.

Hayes Lenhart will update us on the Chatfield Reallocation Environmental Pool and what it will do for the DSP.

Brandon Parsons will describe the Denver Trout Unlimited inspired solution “LUNKER PIPES.” An experimental solution to the problem of getting flood control approved habitat into the DSP.

Reid Baker will give an overview of our exciting plans for Carp Slam 2018. 

The freshest beer in Denver will be available at a cash bar with $1/draft going back to DTU for the Denver South Platte.

Diebolt Brewing Company, 3855 Mariposa St, Denver, CO 80211, USA

DSP Temp sensors show trout like temps all the way to 88th Ave.

After two summers, DTU temperature sensors show trout friendly water temperatures.

Amateur analysis by John Davenport, Chair of DTU DSP Temperature Sensing.

Interesting results from this graph and fishing in the Denver South Platte this summer indicate:

  1. During runoff the temperature out of Chatfield was nice and cool. Clear Creek just upstream of 88th Ave was adding cool water to the Denver South Platte.
  2. As soon as runoff stopped, 88th Avenue and Cuernavaca both got warmer but stayed about the same.  Then in August 88th Ave got about 4 degrees warmer than Cuernavaca.
  3. Chatfield warmed up because flows were cut from the dam in mid September. At that point the temperature at Chatfield matched that at 88th Ave about 30 miles away.
  4. Diurnal swings (day-night) in temperature and available deep water could be what keeps the Denver trout happy. The trout seek out cool (below 75 degree) temperatures for only a few hours a day. With good deep habitat this is no problem for them. This probably explains why there are happy, healthy, swiftly growing trout between Chatfield and Confluence Park but few found toward 88th Ave where the South Platte flattens out and cool channels are minimal.
  5. That precipitous 20 degree drop in mid May was the storm of baseball sized hail that destroyed my roof.

These fish caught during the temperature sensor readings appear quite healthy and well fed.