Building the Environmental Pool

Help build the Environmental Pool in Chatfield Reservoir.

See the Denver Post Article and video for more details.

Denver Water’s page on the Environmental Pool.

Fish, Wildlife and Recreation Mitigation Plans for the Chatfield Reservoir Reallocation Project. (See page 40)

This allocation of 2,100 acre-ft will be used under guidance of Colorado Parks and Wildlife and direction of the Colorado Water Conservation Board to improve and enhance the flows in our river, the Denver South Platte.

Denver Water has pledged 250 acre feet of storage space and challenged Greenway Foundation and Denver Trout Unlimited to match it.

If you’ve never given big bucks before, NOW IS YOUR CHANCE. Invest in something REAL. You’ll actually be able to feel this water, fish this water, and watch this water. Try that with a contribution to your alma mater.

Denver Trout Unlimited is a tax exempt 501 (c)(3) chapter under the Trout Unlimited National organization. Here is a link to our W-9 certificate.

1. John davenport$ 5.00