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Bug the Bug

Fly Fishing Advice from Smart Bugs

Mayfly by John Davenport

This feature of the Denver Trout Unlimited eNews is compiled by the editor Davenport and posted in each issue of the “The Drift.” He compiles prior posts and published them on Amazon.

Help has been available since Isaac Walton’s, “The Compleat Angler” in 1653. Other great anglers like Joe Humphreys, Joan Wulff, Kirk Deeter, Barry and Cathy Beck have added books over the years from a point of view above the surface.

Not until “Bug the Bug” has there been an author who dared to look below the surface for advice. Who better knows more about what is going on in the streams and lakes than those aquatic insects that have been careful observers and denizens for over 350,000,000 years?

Selected features:

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