Cast the Carson Riffle

Cast at Last in the Carson Riffle.

Stage 1 of the 1st Denver South Platte River habitat restoration is completed.

With the help of $10,000 of Carp Slam seed money from DTU,  Urban Drainage and Flood Control, South Suburban Parks and the City of Littleton dug into an initial study for this restoration and then in a quick 60 days created a fantastic 2,000 feet of perfect trout habitat. At a walk thru on 5/29 we saw trout rising to tricos in the newly constructed run. Truly AMAZING. Carson Nature Center will be offering Fly Fishing Classes at the site. This is exactly what we [and a big thanks to former DTU Presidents Todd Fehr and Mike Hobbs] are working for on the entire Denver South Platte. This project will serve as a model for what can be done and what should be done on the Denver South Platte.

Mike Hobbs and John Davenport fished this section a week after water had been reintroduced from the diversion. They were astounded by the number of trout feeding in every hole. There was a massive trico hatch as the wind died down and a trout landed by John opposite the observation deck had an osprey puncture wound in its side. Nature took less than a week to get back on course. THIS is what can be done for the whole Denver South Platte. SUPPORT THE CARP SLAM.


Carson Nature Center


Now, on to the next 26.1 miles.

Meanwhile, a classroom of students in the Denver Center for International studies raises trout for this fine new habitat thanks to funding by Denver Trout Unlimited.

Oliver Martinez (left) and Jonas Notoli a couple of very proud trout poppas.

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