Two DSP Volunteer Driven Cleanups in April

April 7th – 10:00AM  Anglers : Colorado Trout Fisher organized.

Colorado Trout Fisher guide service will be hosting a river cleanup on Denver’s South Platte on April 7th, 2018. The Denver South Platte is quickly becoming recognized as one of the nation’s premier urban fly fishing destinations and therefore we’d like to do our own little part and help clean up the trash and debris along the banks of the river.

Our long-term goal is to help revitalize and restore the beauty of the Denver South Platte river for anglers, families, and the greater good of Denver because a healthy river benefits all of us. But we also realize that that is a goal which will take a lot of time and effort by our very own citizens. It is one step at a time and it begins with simple, hard work like this river cleanup effort.

There will be drinks, brats, and burgers provided and at the end of the cleanup you’ll get a chance to fish with some of Colorado’s best fly fishing guides!

Where: Crescent Park

If you plan on attending please reach out to Matty Valdez at: or (970) 412-8677


April 21st – 8:00AM Families and Anglers: Greenway Foundation organized.


We are excited to host our annual Spring RiverSweep! Volunteers of all ages will help Denver Parks and Recreation by picking up trash, removing weeds and other plant debris, repairing trails, painting park fixtures, and getting our parks ready for summer!

This event will happen rain or shine!

When: Saturday, April 21st, 2018

8:00 am: Volunteer Check-in and a light breakfast
               9:00 am: Projects start
12:00 pm: Volunteers return for lunch

Where: Fishback Park

The Cure for Cabin Fever – DTU Social at Diebolt Brewing. 2/13/2018 at 5:30PM

The Cure for Cabin Fever – Free Movie Night – Bring a Date – Create a Fishing Buddy – DTU Social at Diebolt Brewing. 2/13/2018 at 5:30PM

UPDATE – COSTA FILMS has chosen Denver Trout Unlimited and Diebolt Brewing for the Denver Premier of “Grand Slam Pursuit”. Three incredible woman fly anglers target tarpon, bonefish, and permit in one day. Can they do it?. Also “Through the Guides Eye.” featuring Cpt Greg Dini and four other short films including “Brown Trout in KwaZulu Natal, South African .”  Don’t expect a red carpet, paparazzi, stars, or champagne. Expect great Diebolt Beer and some fantastic fly fishing photography in places near and far that someday you’ll fish. 

UPDATE – From Denver Trout Unlimited.

Fish Spots on the DSP – River keeper Ronnie Crawford and amateur trout watcher and temperature sensor John Davenport will divulge what they know about past, present, and future fish spots on the DSP.

Hayes Lenhart will update us on the Chatfield Reallocation Environmental Pool and what it will do for the DSP.

Brandon Parsons will describe the Denver Trout Unlimited inspired solution “LUNKER PIPES.” An experimental solution to the problem of getting flood control approved habitat into the DSP.

Reid Baker will give an overview of our exciting plans for Carp Slam 2018. 

The freshest beer in Denver will be available at a cash bar with $1/draft going back to DTU for the Denver South Platte.

Diebolt Brewing Company, 3855 Mariposa St, Denver, CO 80211, USA

December on the Colorado River

December Fly Fishing the Colorado River


Ben Johnston

Fellow fly fishing addict


It’s not just about the fish.


The streamer bite on the Colorado river has been on fire this fall into the early winter, and if you are thinking about going out, I highly recommend driving a little further, ditching the crowds, and experiencing this amazing fishery. No need for a drift boat, as wade fishing has been great from Pumphouse down to Two Bridges. As the weather continues to get colder, the fish will become concentrated in the slow deep pools where nymph fishing under an indicator with stoneflies, eggs, and smaller midges and mayflies are my go to nymphs this time of year. Remember to wear your favorite pair of fishing gloves, and to take them off while handling fish, as this not only protects the fish’s slime coat but also leaves you dry and warm gloves to put your hands in after the release. Until next time stay dry, warm and tight lines!




pumphouse-2 It’s about the walk to the river in that pristine Colorado air. It’s about not being at work on a Tuesday.  It’s about hearing the California Zephr coming through the tunnel and the travelers in the Vistadome cars wishing they were out with you on the Colorado.


OK. It’s also about the fish.


Streamer Fishing on the Colorado

Streamer Fishing on the Colorado

Ben Johnston

Fellow fly fishing addict    October 2016


I don’t usually throw streamers, but this fall they were the go to bug for me. Like most anglers, when I get to any river I start with a nymph rig because I know it will catch fish. I can see the stoneflies mayflies under rocks on the bank, and when I throw my first cast I have confidence I need that the fish will eat my rig. This was never the case with streamers for me until this past October.

I had invited two fishy friends to come on a float on the Colorado River with myself, and when we finally got in the boat early on a cold and cloudy morning both of their rigs surprised me. Large streamers dangled off the ends of their lines, and despite my best efforts, I couldn’t convince them to switch to the tried and true nymph rig. Its a good thing they are stubborn. As I rowed away from the boat ramp, a excited hoot came from the front of the boat, I looked out, and a 20 inch brown was thrashing on the end of his line. We landed the fish, got a quick picture, and watched it swim back to his former ambush point.

That day, I never got off the sticks, but this was due to the insane streamer bite my buddies experienced. When I pulled us into the take out (in the pitch black night) I had the epiphany: fishing with confidence is everything. I had never had a good day throwing meat, so when I did put on my minnow imitation of choice, I tended to not fish it as hard as I should, and never give it a chance. This single day changed my opinion of streamers completely. And for the next 7 weekends we floated the same stretch, throwing a green and silver sparkle minnow every time, and having some of the best fishing of my life.

DTU Events you must not miss! Cast & Sip 9/8 and CarpSlam AfterParty 9/10. Get tks NOW!

Cast and Sip

City Park Pavilion – 1700 N. York St., Denver, CO 80202

Check out some of the latest fly rods and taste several terrific wines from Cakebread Cellars. Appetizers will be provided by Denver’s Solera Restaurant. Tickets at:

Top of the Davita Building. 2000 16th St, Denver, CO 80202

Food, beer, live music (MTHDS !!!), wine, silent auction and awards. Each registered volunteer Pro and Slamateur will receive free admission to the evening party. Friends and family may purchase tickets at the door. Don’t miss this fantastic party with the fly fishing greats, not so greats, just starting, and wannabes.

Drop your car at an RTD light rail or A-line station P-N-R lot and head to Union Station. You can’t miss the imposing DaVita Building to West of Union Station next to the Millenium Bridge. The afterparty – Evening on the South Platte will be on the Spectacular Top Floor deck with a view of the South Platte River and the Rockies at sunset. Don’t miss it.


Giant of Carpin’

Giant of Carpin – Makes Triumphal Appearance.  Divulges secrets of Carpin.

Clint Packo enthralled the crowd of beer buzzed carpers at the Skylark June 9th. Those that didn’t make it can   READ MORE: …   #CarpSlam @denvertu

Co-hosted by The Greenbacks: