Help these kids

These kids raised the fry.

Now it’s your turn to raise some cash for the Denver South Platte aquatic habitat.

Carp Slam proceeds fund studies and help fund excavators in the Denver South Platte to restore a healthy aquatic habitat for bugs and fish. The Carp Slam also funds our Trout in the Classroom project which for the first time allowed these kids to release their fry into their home river.  Habitat restoration was recently completed at Carson Nature Center also thanks in part to Carp Slam funds and started Oct. 20, 2014 on the Overland Golf Course stretch.

Donate a tax deductible amount to help the cause. All funds go to aquatic habitat restoration and Trout-in-the-Classroom.


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All the Trout in the Classroom photos from the Denver South Platte Trout Class of 2014.