The Drift – Oct 2012 V4.01 Carp-A-Copia

Oct 2012  V4.01 Carp-A-Copia

Another Astounding Chapter Social Event Upstairs at the Skylark Lounge-


The Carp-A-Copia is an everlasting symbol of thanks and Denver Trout Unlimited and the South Platte River would like to thank you for all your interest, support and hard work this year.  Please join us for a night at the Skylark Lounge for a few free cocktails (early birds will get the worms), an update on the exciting new developments on the Denver South Platte, and a prelude to the hard work and fun we’re going to have as a chapter in 2013.

Help us celebrate the abundance of our home waters, the Denver South Platte where:

-recent electro-shocking has convinced the Division of Wildlife to stock the Denver South Platte with rainbow and brown fingerlings for the first time next spring.

– this spring Denver Trout Unlimited plans to enlist Clint Packo of The Freestone Group to release mature trout into our home waters.

When:November 27, 7:00pm-???
Where: Upstairs at The Skylark Lounge
Address: 140 South Broadway, Denver, CO 80209

Editorial: Greenback gets positive ID !!

Pure Greenback Cutthroat

Finally the “The Cutthroat Controversy” ENDS !!!  We can now  continue with the restoration.

It is absolutely ironic that this “pure” greenback cutthroat subspecies  was saved because of a 1880s stocking which we would consider deplorable today. The 1880s stocking in Bear Creek was done by a developer to promote a tourist site near Pikes Peak. Now let’s get some of those real greenbacks into Grizzly Creek.

This recent video from the CO Division of Wildlife give lots of hope for the restoration. Give your comments to the Forest Service on the Colorado Springs Bear Creek Habitat protection where these amazing fish were found intact and untouched by other subspecies after 130 years.

Read more…  about how Dr. Jessica Metcalf accidentally halted the restoration in 2007 and then restarted it in 2012.

John Davenport, Denver TU eNews Editor.

Bug the Bug   Lepto answers all.

Leptophlebiidae  - Mayfly from the Smalbaar River, Cape Town, South Africa

Leptophlebiidae, a Mayfly from the Smalbaar River, Cape Town, South Africa answers questions from clueless traveling fly fishers about:

  • picking a guide in a far away destination and
  • peeing in the Amazon River without fear. 

 Read the bug’s response.

Carp Slam seeds sprout as serious South Platte improvements begin.

From Colorado lottery proceeds, Great Out Doors Colorado ( GOCO ) spends $56M. Of this $29.5M goes for rivers and creeks projects, and for 2012-15  $4.6M for the Denver South Platte Corridor. We helped with seed money for this grant of $25,000 raised by our  Carp Slam events.

In a detailed and comprehensive slide show, Brian Murphy, P.E. water resources engineer with CDM Smith presented his firms proposed RISO Preliminary Design for the development plan of the Overland Park to Grant Frontier Park area encompassing about two miles of the urban South Platte between Florida and Santa Fe.

Read More…

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Notable Events


Ronnie Crawford

Honorary Denver South Platte Overland Park River Keeper and Honorable Venerated Bar Keeper of the Skylark

Paul Winkle examines S. Platte fish.

Paul Winkle, DOW, examines S. Platte fish.

With the heat of the summer and low flows, I didn’t know what to expect. Well, did I get my eyes opened. …

Read More …

Result: Fingerling rainbows and browns will be stocked this spring in the Denver South Platte. 

Surprise: After a brutal aquatic summer, the first ever no-trout carp slam, a shocking with no trout caught, guess what Ronnie landed on October 12, 2012.

See all the photos of this shocking event here…

October Chapter Meeting Recap

Wisdom of the Clint on Winter Fishing

Clint Packo, two time winner of the Carp Slam, owner and operator ofFreestone Outfitters and an unmatched fly fisher and guide shares his wisdom of Colorado under the surface during the winter.

-Fish slowly, mend continuously.

-Don’t expect action until water is 42F.

-Set hook with a down stream pull…

Read More…

Scouts and Trouts

Will Rice helps some local scouts discover their home waters.

Photo thanks Randall Paetzold

Trout’s Fly Fishing and Denver Trout Unlimited have quite a bit in common:

1)   The South Platte River is our home water

2)   We both are committed to helping improve and restore Denver’s South Platte River

3)   DTU and Trout’s love to introduce new people to fly fishing – especially kids

Read More …

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Freedom for the River Queen” to your kids to learn the secrets of the carp in the South Platte.

A Year of Fly Fishing Advice from Smart Bugs“, a recap of Bug the Bug has been published in the iStore and Amazon.

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