DSP Temperature Mystery – by Steven Reeves

South Platte Temperatures – An analysis by Steven Reeves,  Metro State Student 1/2017

Average Monthly Temperatures – 2017

I began looking at monthly averages and mapping the point off of that.   I found one pattern that interested me and took a further look at it.  The temperature gauge right by Ruby Hill and Overland golf course started having a temperature drop during the hot months. The temperature goes back to the upstream values by the next gauge.  

I believe your gauge sits below the confluence of Bear Creek, which could have influence of this fluctuation, but I also found a correlation to surface permeability.  The land surrounding this gauge is all highly irrigated and very permeable. 

This does not really answer any questions, but rather brings up more questions.  I know Bear Creek has several golf courses along its banks as well, so the Bear Creek water could be affected as well.  If this was true, it could also prove to be a spike in nutrient levels and nitrogen from fertilizer. 

Here are links to the final report and powerpoint.

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