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Officers and Members Sweep the South Platte

The Denver Chapter of Trout Unlimited draws it support from the city’s downtown and northern suburbs. We have a membership that is young and diverse in interests. DTU espouses and promotes the mission of Trout Unlimited to preserve, protect and restore North America’s cold water fisheries and their watersheds.

The world famous Denver Trout Unlimited Pro/Am Fly Fishing Carp Slam is our major fund raising event. Proceeds are used to support seed money grants for improving the aquatic habitat of the Denver South Platte and sponsoring Trout-in-the-Classroom sites.

This is Denver, Colorado and a river runs through it. The South Platte was once a sparkling gem issuing from the foothills of the Rockies. It was home to indigenous fish and wildlife and a resource for native plains peoples. DTU has adopted a long term goal to turn the Denver South Platte river into an asset for the city of Denver and its citizens. Our objective is to restore aquatic and riparian habitat thus making the South Platte river in Denver a recreational fishing destination for residents and visitors and a refuge for fish and wildlife. Our focus is on the river below the water line, the aquatic insects, the quality and quantity of water, the structures and bottom of the river and, of course the fish, and other aquatic life in the water ecosystem.

Our goal for this year is to work on the mechanisms that can bring a minimum flow to the Denver South Platte so that the improved aquatic environments we helped create at Carson Nature Center, Grant Frontier/ Overland Park, and soon River Run Park in Sheridan are preserved during period of low flow stress. Our Trout-in-the-Class Room site at the Denver Public Schools Center for International Studies has had a survival rate from egg to fry of over 50% in its first two years of educational operation.



Join 130,000 TU members and help “To preserve, protect and restore North America’s coldwater fisheries and their watersheds.” Specify chapter 128 Denver Trout Unlimited. First year membership and renewals are rewarded by fly shops with discounts exceeding membership dues.

Check out these demographics and join this young committed (or on parole) group of dedicated cold water conservationists and trout/carp fishers. (Some were not present in the photo above.)

Selected Demographics of Chapter 128 in January 2014

1128 eNews subscribers
963 Official TU members
143 Life Members
110 Family Members
49 Grey Hairs
9 Under 18 members

How to do it:

  1. New Member Introductory Rate $17.50/year    1.   On line to TU.ORG/Intro specify Chapter #128.
  2. Renewal Rate is $35/year but Orvis will send you a gift card for more than that. https://www.tumembership.org/member/renew

To change your chapter affiliation to our fast paced, vibrant, hip, loose, and moving chapter call 1-800-834-2419. On the other hand, sign up for our eNewsletter and the benefits are the same. Being a member of Trout Unlimited is the key. Sign up by sending an email to: editor The Drift

Denver Trout Unlimited
Clem Rinehart, President
Aaron Kindle, Vice President
Cory Stansbury, Past President

Jeff Black, Treasurer noles88jeff@gmail.com


John Davenport, Secretary



email above for a call back cell# if necessary.


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