Full Year Temperature Monitoring

Denver Trout Unlimited establishes pilot sites:
Full Year Water Temperature Monitoring for the Denver South Platte  

  • The Denver South Platte has only one public data permanent site, a USGS station in Englewood recording full-year water temperature. Pueblo has 4 sites.
  • New inexpensive sensors have memory and battery capacities to capture temperature data every hour for a full year.
  • Long term continuous temperature monitoring is essential to determine:
    • Thermally suitable fish habitats in the Denver South Platte.
    • The temperature effects of the in-stream projects and riparian improvements.
    • The impact of stormwater on stream temperature.
  • Data will be shared with and/or posted to:
    • Colorado Water Quality Monitoring Council
    • Colorado Data Sharing Network
    • EPA Water Quality Exchange
    • US Forest Service & USGS Rocky Mountain Research Station
  • Six Temperature Sensor sites will be picked with input from Denver Parks& Rec, Colorado Parks & Wildlife biologists, Urban Drainage and Flood Control, Colorado Trout Unlimited, Riverwatch, and Denver Trout Unlimited.
  • Temperature Sensor data will be collected and posted every 6 months during low water periods.
  • We will use the same QA/QC standards and operation protocols that are used by the 5,800 full year sites in the US and Canada.


Onset Tidbit Temperature data logger in 2″ ABS hub/cap. White id tag has DTU contact info.


Trout Unlimited Protocol – http://www.tu.org/sites/default/files/water-temperature-monitoring-v3-final.pdf

US Forest Service Protocol – http://www.treesearch.fs.fed.us/pubs/44251

S. Platte Projects:  http://www.5280.com/news/environment/magazine/2014/11/slow-rebirth-south-platte-river

Existing full year stream temperature sites: http://www.fs.fed.us/rm/boise/AWAE/projects/stream_temp/maps.html

Colorado USGS Flow and Temperature Sites real-time:


Can the Denver South Platte River surpass the fine fishery of the Pueblo Arkansas River?