DTU Rocks

Denver Trout Unlimited funds three boulder cluster in Denver South Platte at Grant Frontier Park.

by: Brandon Parsons  Nov. 8 2016


DTU Increases Fish Habitat on the South Platte River at Grant Frontier Park

Since 2008, Denver Trout Unlimited (DTU) has partnered with the City and County of Denver, Denver Urban Drainage and the Greenway Foundation to create the South Platte River Vision. This initiative aims to improve habitat, recreation and accessibility along the South Platte River.  Over the last 2 years, five new riffles have been installed, countless pools and habitat features have been created and a variety of access points have been constructed to provide ADA access down to the water between Florida Ave and Evans Ave. The final element of this Vision is the completion of Grant Frontier Park.

Grant Frontier has been completely redesigned to allow participants to interact with the river through programed outdoor education and informal recreation, such as fishing. DTU has worked closely with the designers (CDM Smith and THK Associates) from the beginning to increase fish habitat and accessibility within the park.

Most recently, DTU purchased three (3) large boulder clusters that were installed as in stream habitat features in the park. These large boulders are vital to the river system because they add to the physical diversity of the river. Eddies will occur behind the boulders leading to scour causing deep poles to form. Pools are vital for the South Platte because they hold cold water throughout the summer so that cold-water species, such as trout, can survive as the water warms.

The boulders at Grant Frontier were strategically placed around a constructed concrete jetty at the edge of a large shelf on the north side of the park. This unique position expands desirable fish habitat in the park and provides ADA access to the newly created holes.

This investment represents just one aspect of the work that DTU is doing to improve the South Platte fishery. For more information on the work that DTU is doing please visit our website at http://www.denvertu.org/