DTU WINS Greenway Partners in Change Award

Another Award for Denver Trout Unlimited



 Greenway Partners in Change Award

September 11, 2015

Another incredible award/grant application from the team at DTU, this time secretary Davenport, has hatched into an award for our public projects that enhance, restore, reclaim and expand public access and enjoyment of the Denver South Platte. The award emerged at the Greenway Foundation After Party on the Bridge, not to be confused with the DTU Carp Slam AfterParty the following night, and was presented to long time Denver South Platte restoration advocate and former DTU President, Todd Fehr.

The text of the nomination follows:

This is Denver, Colorado and a river runs through it. DTU has adopted a long term goal to turn the Denver South Platte River into an asset for the city of Denver and its citizens. Our objective is to restore aquatic and riparian habitat thus making the South Platte River in Denver a recreational fishing destination for residents and visitors and a refuge for fish and wildlife. Their focus is on the river below the water line, the aquatic insects, the quality and quantity of water, the structures and bottom of the river and, of course the fish and other life forms in the water ecosystem.


One of their current goals is to work on the mechanisms that can bring a minimum flow to the Denver South Platte so that the improved aquatic environments we helped create at Carson Nature Center, Grant Frontier/ Overland Park, and soon River Run Park in Sheridan are preserved during periods of low flow stress.

The world famous Denver Trout Unlimited Pro/Am Fly Fishing Carp Slam is their major fund raising event. Proceeds are used for improving the aquatic habitat of the Denver South Platte and sponsoring Trout-in-the-Classroom sites that connect youth to our Denver river.

“Denver Trout Unlimited and the Greenway Foundation will work to transform current water use patterns along the South Platte River below Chatfield Reservoir into a model for cooperative water use”, stated Jeff Shoemaker, Executive Director of The Greenway Foundation and Todd Fehr, Former President of Denver Trout Unlimited.  “One of the direct benefits of this collaboratively based endeavor will be the ability to provide added urban ecological restoration of this section of the River within the Denver Metro Area. Without Wells Fargo’s support, this opportunity would not be able to move forward in this manner at this time”

Completed or started these aquatic habitat improvements:

  • $50,000 grant from Wells Fargo to support Sustainable South Platte Aquatic Habitat through cooperative municipal water use w/Greenway
  •  Committed $6,000 to start a “Calls & Release Coalition” to coordinate release timing for optimum S. Platte flows.
  • Carson’s Nature Center – $10,000
  • Overland Park Pond Gateway Fishery – $15,000
  • Florida Ave – Overland $25,000
  • Trout are OUT of the Classroom $4,000
  • Jackass Creek Silt Abatement
  • Denver S. Platte Flow Study $4,000
  • Committed $10,000 to Sheridan River Run Park aquatic habitat project.
  • Created “Spill or Kill” pollution reporting card. 2,000 distributed to enable anglers & water recreation users to immediately contact the 800-424-8802 24×7 National Spill Response Center. 
  • Created and awarded “Hero of the South Platte” to Trevor Tanner for discovery and reporting of the Sand Creek Oil Spill and to Joe Shoemaker for his incredible efforts on behalf of the Denver South Platte.




Oliver Martinez (left) and Jonas Notoli a couple of very proud trout poppas from our Trout-in-the-Classroom project at Denver Schools charter H.S. for International Studies

Florida to Overland Project with the help of DTU Seed Money and Matching Funds from DTU.