Getting Kids Hooked on Overland Pond

 Getting Kids Hooked on Overland Pond  – Update 11/7/2016


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Patrick Murtagh with his first fish.

At the February 2013 Denver Trout Unlimited Social Meeting, Jeff Shoemaker and Jolon Clark of Greenway shot some pool, made some friends, and mixed with some serious river users.

After bringing us up to speed on funding, construction plans, and thanking our TU chapter for honoring his dad with the Hero of the South Platte award, Jeff talked to us about improving Overland Pond.

This pond is often used specifically for outdoor education and as a gateway to fishing. It is usually the first time in the life of a child that they are physically connected to a wild animal. The look of wonder and squeals of delight on making this connection is universal.

The gate to a lifetime of outdoor and river appreciation opens with that connection.  In 2012 their excursions, events, fishing for fun days, summer camps, and river rangers programs got over 8,000 kids, young adults, and parents upclose to the river we love. Greenway devotes an increasing amount of their resources to these programs.

The Board of Directors of Denver Trout Unlimited voted to donate a total of $14,000 to the Greenway Foundation project to improve the pond and to stock it with appropriate fish.


Update  11/7/2016  –  Colorado Parks and Wildlife stocking report for our gateway fishery.

In 2014 after the restoration of Overland Park Pond was completed, Colorado Parks and Wildlife stocked 800 fish of varieties trout, channel catfish, bluegill, and largemouth bass. These fish are doing well and providing an excellent spot to bring your kids for some safe and successful fly, bait, or spinner fishing. Use this pond as a gateway to a life time of enjoyment of the greatest life sport there is.   …full stocking report.


Getting kids hooked on the outdoors works with a bluegill just as well as an exotic species of trout.


Top 10 reasons grandkids get hooked on fly fishing.

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