Massive Progress on Overland-Florida-Carson’s on the Denver South Platte River


 Denver South Platte River Restoration

Fishing Ronnies Hole – 2/2016

Strategically placed boulder by Bryan Murphy did the trick in creating and keeping a great 7 foot hole open under the east channel of the Florida Avenue Bridge where Ronnie Crawford the river keeper had always had good fishing. So far the fish however have not found it as much fun as a couple cars and a pickup last fall during the flooding in September.


Nearly Completed Florida Drop 1/2015

East Side of Florida Drop 1/19/2015. Yes, this is a sight that we may Never see again. Truly, soon to be a bit of DSP history. … See Ronnie’s River Report photos.

Brought to you in-part by Denver Trout Unlimited.

Carson Nature Center Phase II visit – 2/2016


Carson Nature Center Phase II completed !!

This will be a great fishery as bug life and trout discover the new deep channels, riffles, pools, and boulders. Just 25 minutes by light rail from the downtown Colorado Convention Center.

 …See more photos of the Carson Nature Center Denver South Platte Aquatic Habitat Restoration.

Brought to you in-part by Denver Trout Unlimited.