First Full Year DSP Temperature Analysis

First Full Year DSP Temperature Analysis of Denver Trout Unlimited’s 24×7 temperature sensors shows trout friendly water.

Overland Temperatures

Ronnie and Rhys’s trout survive and thrive the short term temperature peaks precisely because they have fish passage, deep pools, shaded structures, cool water seepage, park land irrigation runoff, and the diurnal (day/night) temperature swings. Making sure that trout will have deep pools and shaded structures below the water line is precisely why Denver Trout Unlimited has invested so much time, and effort on studies, meetings, and raising funds for enhanced flows from the Chatfield Environmental Pool. more

What DTU is doing for you.

Completed or started these Denver South Platte aquatic habitat, quality and quantity improvements :

Matching funds grants for restorations:

  • $10,000 – Carson’s Nature Center proof of concept South Platte restoration.

  • $15,000 – Overland Park Pond Restoration as a Gateway Fishery

  • $25,000 – Florida Ave – Overland Stretch RISO Restoration

  • $10,000 – Sheridan River Run Park aquatic habitat project with the understanding that LUNKER habitat pipes will be installed.

  •  $10,000 for an Analysis and Interpretation of Aquatic Habitat Changes as a result of the Chatfield Reallocation project.

  • $3,000 for in-stream boulder clusters in the Grant-Frontier Park restoration.

Studies to trigger restoration and better flows:

  • $20,000 for a study of the downstream impact of additional “environmental pool” releases from the expanded Chatfield reservoir. CWCB Watershed Restoration Grant.

  • $50,000 grant through NWIF from Wells Fargo to support Sustainable South Platte Aquatic Habitat through cooperative municipal water use.

  • $6,000 to start a “Calls & Release Coalition” to coordinate release timing for optimum S. Platte flows.

  • $4,000 Denver South Platte Minimum Flow for Aquatic River Health study. ($1,000 from CTU Gomolchak Grant)

  • $2,000 CTU Gomolchak Grant ($1,000 for Temperature Sensors)

  •       Alerts to trigger action on DSP Disasters and Near Disasters:

  • Sand Creek Oil Spill

  • Confluence Park Carp Entrapment

  • Habitat Scarcity in Restoration Designs

  • Overland Park Pond Dehydration

      Events and Programs to Promote, Educate, and Protect the DSP

  • $1,200 for Full Year 1/hr Temperature Sensors at 6 sites on the Denver South Platte

  • Trout in the Classroom  project $4,000

  • Jackass Creek Silt Abatement Monitoring

  • “Spill or Kill” pollution reporting card. 2,000 distributed to enable anglers & water recreation users to immediately contact the 800-424-8802 24×7 National Spill Response Center.

  • “Hero of the South Platte” to Trevor Tanner for discovery and reporting of the Sand Creek Oil Spill and to Joe Shoemaker for his incredible efforts on behalf of the Denver South Platte.

  • World Famous “Denver Trout Unlimited Carp Slam” fly fishing contest on the DSP to demonstrate the potential of the DSP and raise funds for restoration.

  •  Booth at Greenway Foundation Riverfest 2015,16,17 to help connect Denver families and new arrivals with their home river.

    • Carson Nature Center Phase 1- Completed May 2013.

      Denver Trout Unlimited contributed $10,000, raised through the Carp Slam. Construction started April 2013 and finished the end of May 2013. Within hours trout inhabited the new runs, pools, and glides.   read more…

      Meanwhile in May of 2014, trout from DTU funded Trout in the Classroom were released into water at Carson Nature Center. DTU members, students, Carson Nature Center, the trout, and of course the raptors were all ecstatic.  read more …


      But just above Carsons a Jackass tries to undo the good works.


      Jackass Gulch silting abatement – DTU is an interested party with City of Littleton and Urban Drainage and Flood Control in this project just upstream of Carson. It has been funded and will get underway in 2015.


      Overland Park Pond – Completed July 2013. Our  $15,000 helped reconstruction of Overland Park pond and river front to server as a fishery gateway for young anglers. Creating habitat, rearing trout, creating new gen anglers. DTU DOES IT ALL.


      Overland-Stretch. Construction started 10/20/2014 -DTU’s $25,000 helped get this project moving.Ultimately, at least $4 million will be spent to improve several stretches of the Urban South Platte from Grant Frontier to Overland Pond. See Ronnies River annotated Reports for more photos…



      PURE Trash Study.– Working with the Greenway Foundation we were founding members of PURE, Protect Our Urban River Environment, which has a 2 year grant to develop strategies to keep trash out of the S.Platte.


      Denver South Platte – Minimum Flow Study. DTU commissioned a $4,000 study of the flows in the Denver South Platte to pinpoint when dangerous low flows occur and what minimum flows are necessary to protect the aquatic habitats we are restoring. Read the study…

      Full Year 1/hr Temperature Monitoring – At six sites in the Denver South Platte, DTU sensor guardians, Mike, Reid, Ronnie,Todd, and John have placed these hitech devices to capture data to help manage our improving fishery and the DSP habitat. Read more…


      Sheridan River Front Park – DTU has released $10,000 in support of a follow-on project downstream from the Carson project. Engineering and studies started in the fall of 2014.


      Calls & Release Coalition – DTU has pledged $6,000 to work with Greenway Foundation in setting up a coalition of municipal, state and  government agencies, water rights holders, and other major water shareholders to coordinate releases for the delivery of water to ensure optimal aquatic habit flows in the Denver South Platte.

      The Greenway Foundation and Denver Trout Unlimited Receive $50,000 Grant from Wells Fargo-NFWF to Support  their Sustainable South Platte River  – 6/9/2015

      Denver Trout Unlimited and the Greenway Foundation will work to transform current water use patterns along the South Platte River below Chatfield Reservoir into a model for cooperative water use. One of the direct benefits of this collaboratively based endeavor will be the ability to provide added urban ecological restoration of this section of the River within the Denver Metro Area.



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