Back Issues of “The Drift”

How we publish “The Drift”

  • Volunteers submit pieces via email to the editor who whips them into shape and posts them as pages to our WordPress site.
  • Members send photos to : the Denver TU Picasa site.
  • Then the editor use an account, kindly furnished by Colorado Trout Unlimited, to create an email blast which uses links to the WordPress and Picasa site.
  • The Drift is then reviewed by the Denver TU Board and blasted out to our 1,500 members, a subset of the CTU supporters list. CTU staff kindly adds new TU members assigned to our chapter to the list. Interested parties, not TU members, are added also.
  • The resulting newsletter is very light, 70kb or less, and is a fast read. Our open rate is a healthy 28-35%. But the click through to the “read more” content, is about 10% of those that open. Send Suggestions to the editor: John Davenport. Click through on links with maps to fishing spots is about 90%, strange as that may seem.
  •  Unfortunately a system error wiped out all our content prior to October 2012.  All photos are still available.

Please email the webmaster if you find broken links that you’d like to have reestablished. We’ll find that content somewhere or make it up once again.

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