Trout in the City

Elitch Gardens River Front

being transformed

with trout in mind.

DSP rainbows drive “The River Mile” project.

UPDATE!!  Rhys Duggan from Revesco and his team will be at the April 10th open Board Meeting at Diebolt Brewery with a short presentation on the RiverMile and habitat changes. See the DTU calendar below for details.

The trout in the city are making a big impact on plans for their neighborhood.

After meeting the mayor at the reopening of Shoemaker Plaza in October, the trout have become a focal point of Revesco’s RiverMile project.

Not only are they the logo of this exciting project, The River Mile Project

but they are swimming into the project narrative in a big way. This quote is from the River Mile Denver project homepage.


“It will be one of the city’s great places –where people will gather, take a lunch break, enjoy the view, meet friends for a drink after work, go to a concert, and experience a touch of nature. Even cast a fly in hopes of landing a wily urban trout.

Yes, trout. Reintroduced recently in this stretch of the South Platte. The Revesco team will be working closely with the Greenway Foundation and other stakeholders in support of their mission to further enhance the natural environment and water quality of the river.”

   Another trout, one of Rhys’  Rainbows (named after benefactor Rhys Duggan of Revesco), illustrates the northern boundary of the project by posing with board member Brandon Parsons on the website.

Check out The River Mile video on their homepage.

(Skip to 4:30 for a great quote from Rhys about seeing fly fishing on this stretch of the river.)

Rhys, Cody DeGuelle from The Fly Fisher Group, and others associated with the project will be on hand at our  April 10th Board Meeting. Check the calendar at

The Denver Plan for this area was just released Feb 2018. Comments can be sent to: Senior City Planner Lilly Djaniants (


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